Fiscal Management

Economic Health

Economic Health:

  • Continue reducing barriers to business
  • Leverage “Sunniest City in BC” with Solar Energy and Greenhouse economies
  • Tourism growth through regional collaborations
  • Fight for maximum tax increases of 4%  first 1.75% dedicated to improving roads  and replacing aging infrastructure and equipment
  • Ensure Tembec holdings are developed for Industry

What Wayne Wants to Accomplish

Natural and Built Environment

Wayne's commitments for 2014 - 17 include a minimum of $3mil annual street improvements, safe walking-cycling trails, non-lethal urban deer management, management plan for Joseph Creek more...

Economic Health

Wayne's commitments for 2014 - 17 include reducing barriers to business, leverage "sunniest city in BC", tourism growth more...

Cultural Vibrancy

Wayne's commitment for 2014 - 17 include a permanent home for the arts, improving Hwy 3/95 appearance, and expanding multi-cultural celebrations more...

Social Well-being

Wayne's commitments for 2014 - 17 include continuing accessibility improvements, recruiting new doctors, ensuring our facilities are maintained, promoting transitional housing, and removing two-tiered fees more...