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Stetski for Mayor

September 30th, 2014

On June 11, Audrey and I held a press conference in front of Cranbrook City Hall to announce that I will run for re-election as Mayor on November 11, 2014.

By announcing now it will give the people of Cranbrook enough time to share with me what they feel the priorities should be for the next four years. There are a number of important initiatives underway ranging from removing barriers to business to ensuring Cranbrook is Youth Friendly to making Cranbrook more accessible for people with mobility challenges to encouraging the arts and multiculturalism, to name just a few.

I am looking forward to hearing even more of your ideas over the next few months so please email me or phone me at (250) 417-9184

TOGETHER, we will keep Cranbrook moving forward!!

What Wayne Wants to Accomplish

Natural and Built Environment

Wayne's commitments for 2014 - 17 include a minimum of $3mil annual street improvements, safe walking-cycling trails, non-lethal urban deer management, management plan for Joseph Creek more...

Economic Health

Wayne's commitments for 2014 - 17 include reducing barriers to business, leverage "sunniest city in BC", tourism growth more...

Cultural Vibrancy

Wayne's commitment for 2014 - 17 include a permanent home for the arts, improving Hwy 3/95 appearance, and expanding multi-cultural celebrations more...

Social Well-being

Wayne's commitments for 2014 - 17 include continuing accessibility improvements, recruiting new doctors, ensuring our facilities are maintained, promoting transitional housing, and removing two-tiered fees more...